Volume 2, Issue 1 (April 2008)

This newsletter is published twice yearly and mailed to all residents of the City of Scandia.

 Scandia Plans for 2030—Public Meetings on Comprehensive Plan Scheduled in April

Planning consultant Jean Coleman and Moose Malmquist dicuss future road alignments at a recent Comprehensive Plan Committee Meeting
Planning consultant Jean Coleman and Moose Malmquist dicuss future road alignments at a recent Comprehensive Plan Committee Meeting

Since the last newsletter, the citizens of Scandia and the Comprehensive Plan Committee have been busy crafting Scandia’s new comprehensive plan.  Approximately 45 people participated in October public meetings to express their visions for Scandia in 2030.  Nearly 100 of you responded to an on-line survey about your vision for Scandia.  Five small focus groups were held in December and January to discuss specific areas and issues in Scandia.  (See the other stories inside this newsletter for more details.) 

The Comprehensive Plan Committee has diligently discussed transportation, land use, parks and trails, economic development, natural resource, and community character issues at their twice-monthly meetings.  They are now ready and eager to learn what you think about the draft components of the comprehensive plan.  Please join us on April 8th or 10th for a presentation and discussion about:

  • The draft vision for the future of Scandia
  • Future land uses– what they should be and where they should be located.  Two alternative maps have been created and will be reviewed at the meeting.

You do not need to attend both meetings; the same material will be covered at each session.

The Comprehensive Plan Update will be completed in June 2008.  Citizen input will be welcomed throughout all phases of the process.  If you have any questions or comments about the comprehensive plan update process, please contact Anne Hurlburt, City Administrator, 651-433-2274, a.hurlburt@ci.scandia.mn.us.  More information about the Comprehensive Plan Update is available on the City website at www.scandia.ci.mn.us.  

 Focus Groups Add Perspective on Scandia Plan

The Comprehensive Plan Update process included five focus group meetings, designed to gather perspectives from residents, landowners, and business owners on five separate areas within Scandia. Their input will be considered along with the other comments from surveys and public meetings. 

Focus group areas were:  St. Croix River Corridor, Village, Lakeshore, Rural Residental and Agriculbure. About 10 people attended each group. They were asked to describe the most important characteristics of Scandia critical for maintaining Scandia’s character and high quality of life, including:

  • Protect Scandia’s farms and agricultural lands.  People at all of the focus groups identified working farms as a key component of Scandia’s rural character and a high priority issue for the comprehensive plan update.  The groups discussed what defines agriculture, the costs and risks associated with protecting agriculture, and how to make sure agriculture in Scandia is economically sustainable.
  • Strengthen the commercial viability and character of the village.  Several groups noted the importance of encouraging small, entrepreneurial businesses, and expressed concern about commercial expansion in a suburban development pattern.  Participants wanted to protect Scandia’s image as a historic, rural village.  People expressed great preference for economic development that emphasized small and mid-sized independent businesses located in and around the village’s downtown.  Participants discussed components of economic viability, infrastructure limitations, building design considerations, and transportation connections.
  • Retain and restore natural resources including open space, the lakes and the river.  Attendees of the lakes and the river focus groups, in particular, urged consideration of a variety of programs and regulations for water quality protection.  Open space protection in all groups was closely linked to the preservation of agricultural practices.  Participants discussed the successes and failures of conservation and cluster development, park and trail creation and management, and the risks and opportunities of natural feature protection standards.

People expressed concern, and many expressed a sense of inevitability, that Scandia will change for the worse with more development.  Others, however, were optimistic about the new Comprehensive Plan as a tool for managing development, so that as change occurs Scandia’s desirable assets and character are protected.

Summaries of the discussion at the focus groups meetings are available here on the city web site. 

 Citizen Survey Helps Set Vision

Results of the “vision survey” conducted by the Scandia Comprehensive Plan Committee in November and December are now available.  The web-based survey was one of the many opportunities offered to Scandia residents to help develop the 2030 Comprehensive Plan.  A complete report is available on the City’s website.

The survey allowed respondents up to 5 chances to complete the question “In 2030, I believe Scandia should…”  The 96 respondents to the survey submitted over 300 responses to that question.    While the ideas expressed were quite diverse, the largest number seemed to agree that Scandia should continue to exhibit its “small town” rural character and charm.  Many favored supporting and preserving agriculture, encouraging the village center to be the commercial and social center of the community, and preserving natural resources and the environment.

Survey respondents also selected their three top choices from a list of characteristics defining “rural character.”   Most often cited were the natural environment, farms, open space and scenic beauty.

 2008 Elections Calendar

In 2008, Minnesotans will go to the polls to elect a new President, Vice President, Senator, Member of Congress and State Representatives.  Scandia will also choose a Mayor and two City Council members.  Make sure your voice is heard!  Clip and save this list of important dates to remember.

  • Friday, August 8— Absentee voting begins for Primary Election, through Sept. 8
  • Tuesday, August 19, 5:00 p.m.—  Last day to pre-register for State Primary Election.  After this date, register at the polls on Election Day
  • Tuesday, August 26— Filings for Mayor and City Council races open, through September 9 at 5:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, September 6, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.— City office open for absentee voting
  • Monday, September 8, 5 p.m.— Absentee voting for Primary Election closes
  • Tuesday, September 9, 7 a.m.-8 p.m.— State Primary Election Day
  • Thursday, September 11, 5 p.m.–-Deadline to withdraw filings for Mayor and Council
  • Friday, October 3— Absentee voting begins for General Election, through Nov. 3
  • Tuesday, October 14, 5:00 p.m.— Last  date to pre-register for General Election.  After this date, register at the polls on Election Day.
  • Saturday, November 1, 10 a.m-3p.m.— city office open for absentee voting
  • Monday, November 3, 5 p.m.— Absentee voting for General Election closes
  • Tuesday, November 4, 7 a.m.-8 p.m.— Election Day

For more information on elections, see the Washington County Elections page, or the Minnesota Secretary of State's web site. 

 Goin' Green-- Clean-up and Recycle

In the mood for some spring cleaning?  “Heavy-Metal Day” is scheduled for Saturday, April 26 from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the Community Center parking lot.  Residents may drop off items not taken by your regular trash hauler, but NOT considered hazardous waste.  Examples of items accepted are: appliances, tires, furniture, mattresses, scrap metal and wood. There may be a fee for some items. 

For hazardous items, Scandia residents should take advantage of the free Hazardous Waste Drop-off event sponsored by Washington County on Saturday, May 3 from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in  the Northland Mall parking lot in Forest Lake (1432 S. Lake St/ Hwy 61.)  Products accepted will include household, automotive and lawn & garden hazardous waste.  For more information on disposal of hazardous materials, call Washington County at 651 430-6655 or check their web site at www.co.washington.mn.us/publichealth.

Scandia residents are encouraged to reduce, re-use and recycle… the city contracts for twice-monthly curb-side recycling service with SRC, Inc., funded partly with a grant from Washington County.  There is no charge to the homeowner for this service, which is provided to all regardless of what hauler you use for your regular trash pick-up.  SRC recently delivered new, wheeled containers to replace the old blue bins.  If you need a recycling container, or for more information, contact SRC at 651-462-1099. 

Attached Document or FileDownload Spring Clean-Up Brochure Includes prices for disposal

 Short Takes

Keep Scandia Beautiful— Scandia is a beautiful place to live, and we all work hard to keep it that way.  Here are a few reminders of some of the ordinance requirements: 

  • Storage & refuse--  the limit is 2 items of recreational equipment stored outside, personal property must be stored inside or fully screened, and all refuse must be in a proper container. 
  • Parking & junk cars—the limit is 4 passenger cars or pickups on sites less than 10 acres, and no unlicensed or junk vehicle may be kept for more than 30 days.
  • Animals—livestock may not be kept on parcels smaller than 5 acres.  A minimum of 2 grazable acres per animal unit is required (one horse = 1 animal unit.)

Signs— Advertising signs are generally prohibited in Scandia, with a few exceptions.  Signs advertising the sale of agricultural projects on the advertiser’s property, signs advertising community events, and garage sale signs are some of the exceptions  All signs require a permit. 

Burning Permits— A (no-charge) burning permit is required for open burning when there is no snow cover.  In all cases, please notify the Washington County Sheriff’s Office  (651 439-9381) one hour before you burn.  There may be restrictions depending on weather, time-of-day or air-quality issues.  See the city office for more information and for permits.

Council Meetings on Cable— Lakes Area Television (available in limited areas of Scandia) tapes City Council meetings for replay on cable channel 10.  Contact LATV at 651 464-1143 for more information. 

Attention Lakeshore Residents---  No grading, filling or excavating near shore without permits!  Contact Code Official Steve Thorp with any questions. 

 Community Calendar, April through September, 2008


  • April 6, 8:00 a.m., Lion’s Pancake Breakfast, Community Center
  • April 7, 4:00 p.m.  Board of Appeal and Equalization, Community Center Board Rm.
  • April 8 & 10, 6:30 p.m., Comprehensive Plan Meetings, Community Center
  • April 26, 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., Heavy Metal Day, Community Center Parking Lot
  • April 26, Valborgsmassafton, Gammelgården


  • May 3, 8 a.m. to 2 pm., Hazardous Materials Collection, Northland Mall, 1432 Lake Street, Forest Lake,
  • May 11, Statehood Day.  Happy 150th Birthday, Minnesota (cake at Gammelgården)
  • May 26, Memorial Day — Office Closed


  • June 21, Midsommar Dag, Gammelgården


  • July 4, Independence Day—Office Closed


  • August 16, Spelmansstamma,


  • September 1, Labor Day— Office Closed
  • September 6, Taco Daze Festival
  • September 9, Primary Election
  • September 21 & 22, Marine Art Fair
  • September 27, 8 a.m. to 11 a.m, Heavy Metal Day, Community Center Parking Lot

Click here for the city meeting calendar.  For Gammelgården events, see:  http://www.gammelgardenmuseum.htm

City Hall, 14727 209th St. N. Scandia, MN 55073 Phone: 651-433-2274